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[29 Mar 2005|11:33am]
Okay, oh my god, I'm so sorry for not updating in so bloody long, luvvies! ♥ Muchas apologies! I'm not going to make excuses, but I'll post a couple of songs and I'm so very open to requests! Click here to see what albums/music I have available.

Title: Everglow
Artist: FAKE?
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: A band I've become addicted to, no thanks to my neechan I love this song most of all FAKE? songs at the moment, it's perfectly gorgeous and I adore it. It's very pretty and it has a wicked beat and gorgeous lyrics :)
Download: Click.

Title: Liberal
Artist: Drug Store Cowboy
Language: Japanese
Comments: The song that hooked me. DSC is wicked, they sort of remind me of Oblivion Dust/Do As Infinity and other stuff. This song is brilliant.
Download: Click.

Title: Goodness Happiness
Artist: Guitar Vader
Language: Japanese/English
Comments: So these guys did tracks for Jet Set Radio (which I LOVELOVELOVE), an XBox skating game that totally rocks and has the wickedest songs. A lot of Vader's songs are uppity and bouncy and completely addictive, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
Download: Click.

Title: One For Da Soul
Artist: LEAD
Language: Japanese
Comments: I love these guys, they're so cool :) This song is, dare I say it, cute! LEAD is more of a boy-band, some of their songs from their album "Life On Da Beat", like "Show Me The Way" for example, make me think of W-inds and V6 (my first-ever JPop boy-bands *squee*) But I do so have a soft spot for those boys.
Download: Click.
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[29 Nov 2004|02:00pm]
Two Acid Android songs for thefirebottle ;)

Title: Double Dare
Artist: Acid Android
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.

Title: Irritation
Artist: Acid Android
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.
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[28 Nov 2004|05:16pm]
Eep, I haven't updated this poor MP3 rotation in forever and I apologise :\ To make up for it I'll give you three extra songs, howzat? ;)

Now, I have to ask, because I'm positively dying, does anyone have any Janne da Arc songs they could send me? :\ I've got a few songs and I'm thirsty for more.

Enjoy! <3s.

Song: Jinglebell
Artist: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Language: Japanese
Comments: A cute little Laruku bit with Ken singing a little christmas tune in the background, it's very amusing ;)
Download: Click.

Artist: GLAY
Language: Japanese
Comments: Okay, I just adore GLAY. Teru is wicked, and Hisashi is absolutely brill. This song is fairly good at portraying just how good GLAY is. Lyrics are cool and the music is cool times infinity.
Download: Click.

Song: Milk Shake
Artist: Cali || Gari
Language: Japanese
Comments: Cali Gari has long been a favourite of mine. Fairly well known, but a lot of newbies to the JRock world won't have heard of them. They're a very fun band ;)
Download: Click.

Song: Furafura Skip
Artist: Cali || Gari
Language: Japanese
Comments: Alright, I really don't have much to say. The song is very sort of new age and it's bouncy-happy like. Very cool.
Download: Click.

Song: Night In Girl
Artist: Miyavi
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ahhh, I absolutely adore Meevie's softer side, his voice is so gorgeous. This song is very, very pretty.
Download: Click.

Song: Divine
Artist: Chachamaru
Language: Japanese
Comments: Ah, Cha's music is definately wicked. His voice is sort of reminiscent of our beloved Ga-ku-to (GACKT, dur), but it's definately more old-school-metal-rock-ish. If that's your flavour then download, even if it isn't it's definately worth a listen, 'cause Cha rocks.
Download: Click.

Song: Metamorphose
Artist: Chachamaru
Language: Japanese
Comments: Woah, this song makes me think of the days I used to laze about listening to Iron Maiden concert DVDs. Definately metal-rock-y in a classical sense. I admire anyone who can pull of the gravely-trills like that and the song is brilliant.
Download: Click.

Song: Creature
Artist: Pierrot
Language: Japanese
Comments: Pierrot is my favourite band of all time (second to Laruku, of course). Kirito rocks, Kohta is wicked, Jun is so cute, Aiji is brill and Takeo rocks my socks off. Kirito's voice is wickedly eerie sometimes, and when applied to the right lyrics the effect is awesome, the music and lyrics and feel of this song is beyond hotness.
Download: Click.
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Advertising [06 Sep 2004|04:30pm]

I figured that since so many people have asked to "join in the madness", I would make a community. So, if you want to post some of your own mp3s, go join readysteadygo_. Or just add it to your friends list for regularly updated rotations! :D

Now, for the music~!

Language: Japanese
Comments: Blam is a pretty good two-person "band", if you ask me. Their music is interesting, and it reminds me kind of of a mix of Acid Android and Dir en Grey. An interesting listen, though.
Download: Click.

Song: Big Machine
Artist: B'z
Language: Japanese
Comments: If you know much about JRock history, you'll know that bands like the B'z are pretty well known, and for damn good reason! One of the more popular bands is X Japan, so no doubt you've heard of them, but B'z are good, and this is from their album named "Big Machine", which I've recently gotten, and fallen for.
Download: Click.

Song: Lovesick (You Don't Know)
Artist: Siam Shade
Language: Japanese/Enrish
Comments: Over the past week, I've fallen head over heel for Siam, because the vocalist is brilliant, the lyrics are gorgeous and the all over presentation of their music is beautiful. They're more a classic rock band with a couple of touches of punk. I love this song, and that's why I'm putting it up. I'll probably put up more later on. Remember, guys, comment and tell me if you like a band!
Download: Click.

Song: Barairo no Sekai
Artist: Pierrot
Language: Japanese
Comments: Okay, so I just wanted to spread the Pierrot love ;) They're a wicked band, Kirito rocks my socks, and this song is the shizzle!
Download: Click.

Song: Psychedelic Lover
Artist: Pierrot
Language: Japanese
Comments: Again with the Pierrot X3 This song is brilliant, as usual, and I'm addicted to it. Not much else to say about Pierrot except that they rock and they're a must listen!
Download: Click.
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[20 Aug 2004|03:45pm]
[New layout for songs, because my way is a little less efficient and I liked Kia's way better XD]

Song: Pieces Of A Dream
Artist: Chemistry
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.
Comments: Ee... I've had this song floating around on my computer for a while, and after I downloaded the PV for it I fell head-over-heals X3 It's a pretty song, and the Chemistry boys have gorgeous voices. They're pretty popular, so if you've never heard one of they're songs, download this, or it's some kind of sin and I'll hunt you down :)

Song: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Artist: HYDE
Language: Engrish [XD]
Download: Click.
Comments: If you haven't heard this song, then you must! HYDE's engrish isn't so bad [and really, I think it's quite endearing], and it's a classic song that you have to love, and HYDE's voice just makes it interesting ;)

Song: Nounai VACATION
Artist: Kick The Can Crew
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.
Comments: I'm sorry, I had to do it! XD I love this song, simply because of the way they say "Oosutorariya"! It's a good song, and it amuses me. KTCC is a good Hip Hop-ish group and I like 'em.

Song: Tariraritarara
Artist: Miyavi
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.
Comments: Nya~ I absolutely adore Meevie, because he amuses me so with his girly-ness. Because while he acts girly-girly, his voice kind of betrays that. Besides all of that, I love his songs [particularly Jibun Kakumei]. Download it, it's good!

Song: Calling You
Artist: TAKUI
Language: Japanese
Download: Click.
Comments: Okay, I'm a sucker for TAKUI. His voice is gorgeous, and his music is really a mix of JPop and JRock. This is the first song I ever heard from him and it remains one of my favorites :)
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[13 Aug 2004|05:20pm]
Alright, I felt like I should give a wider range and let you all have a, er, taste of my tastes. If that makes sense?^^; It's a big post this time, sweets!

Fast Crew - I Got
New Zealand music! This is a new-ish song, from a new-ish group. A lot of people here consider them to be a hipper version of Black Eyed Peas [As they have one girl, too]. I actually like this song, it's pretty amusing. The radio plays it all the time and the people eat it up, hope you like :D

Alex Ubago - Salida
Alex Ubago is one of my absolute favorite musicians!^^ I love him, and his voice is gorgeous - but be warned, this IS Spanish music! And Spanish Pop at that :D

The Rasmus - Not Like The Other Girls
Okay, almost everybody has heard their "In The Shadows" song at least once by now, right? It's a very good song, and I've taken a liking to the lead singer, because his voice is gorgeous when put with the music they play. I love this song, it's beautiful :)

Placebo - Teenage Angst
X3 If you don't know me, then you don't know how absolutely MENTAL I am about Placebo. They're pretty much an Alternative Rock kind of group (Well, that's what people class them as?). I adore Brian Molko's voice and him entirely (He's just wicked cool, okay?), and besides that, Stef and Steve are brilliant, their video clips are awesome and I'm just mad about Placebo :D This is one of their more well-known songs, so enjoy!

Hoobastank - Running Away
Most people have heard their song "The Reason" on the radio. It's a good song, but what really pisses me off is that people claim to be Hoobastank fans when they've only ever heard THAT SONG. It's a sappy, slow, boring song, and it doesn't really give you a feel for the band and their talent. Hoobastank have amazing potential, and come ON people, they existed long before they played "The Reason" on the radio xX;
Anyway, this is one of my favorite Hoobastank songs, and it's pretty good in my oppinion. It's not as hard as some of their songs, and it's not too mellow either.

Mest - Hotel Room
XDDD My friends and I have been Mest fans since forever! They're not a widely known band (as far as I know?) and they're pretty much referred to as the sister band to Good Charlotte (I think? Or was it Simple Plan? *shrugs* I really don't know). Anyway, they're a brilliant pop-punk-ish band and that have some wicked songs like "What's The Dilio" and "I Melt With You", but this is one of my favorites.

New Found Glory - Dressed To Kill
I'm NFG-mad and I love it :) NFG is a brilliant pop-punk-rock band with some wicked songs. If you haven't heard this one, you HAVE TO. My sister and I adore it and almost our entire family knows the words to it because of how often we crank it up :D

Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Freestyle
Alright, so I put this up for laughs^^;; My ex-boyfriend made me download it a looong time ago, and I still have it floating around on my computer. It's a funny "song" :) Made me giggle and it still does.
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[08 Aug 2004|01:45am]
Okay, I know this is supposed to be a weekly rotation, but I honestly have so many mp3's and I know people can get impatient [I know I do] so... Seeing as I've currently taken a liking to Morning Musume, I thought I'd share some of my favorites :D

Morning Musume - The Peace

Morning Musume - Aikoto Aru Kinenno Sunkan

Morning Musume - Ikimachoi

Morning Musume - Soauda WE'RE ALIVE

And a PV for your viewing pleasure :) [Mostly because I love this song and I don't have the mp3 for it. And besides that, the PV's really cute :D]

Morning Musume - Dance Dance PV
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[05 Aug 2004|04:05pm]
Alright, I'm putting up this rotation especially for shards, because I love her so and because she requested some Tetsu69 songs.

I love this song, it's gorgeous :) Not much to say on it really, but it gives you a feel for Tetsu's punk style. The video clip is cool too.

Tetsu69 - Wonderful World
This is such a brilliant song! It's cute and bouncy and it's the first song from Tetsu I heard, you'll love it, trust me :D

Tetsu69 - Pretender
Okay, honestly, this is a song I've never listened much to, but recently it's snagged my attention. It's got a pretty laid-back ish feel, and Tetsu's voice is gorgeous - as usual.

L'Arc~en~Ciel/P'Unk~en~Ciel - Ready Steady Go
Okay, so I'm not sure if this would be classed as P'Unk, but it's got Tetsu doing vocals instead of HYDE. *swoon* The "Are you ready?" bit at the beginning always gets me. Poor Tetsu's engrish isn't so great, but it's damn adorable!
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[03 Aug 2004|08:20pm]
Alright, I got bored and I have zillions of MP3s for you lot to download, so here's another rotation.

Aya Matsuura - Yeah! Meccha Holiday
I never liked Ayaya, really, but I fell in love with her PV for her song "GOOD BYE" and thus got one of her albums. After that, I fell for this song, which is happy-go-lucky sounding. It never fails to put a 'smile on my dial', so to speak.

Acid Android - Double Dare
I figured that since it's pretty hard to find samples of Yukihiro's [L'Arc~en~Ciel dummer] solo works that I would put up one of my favorite songs from dear Yukkie. If you've never heard Acid Android works before, then you're in for a shock. Unlike Ken, Tetsu and HYDE, Yukihiro is very 'industrial'. Good song, though. I love his nerve to test what people like, and I quite fancy his style.

GLAY - All Standard Is You
Embarrassed as I am to say, I was and am obsessed with this song, purely because it's absolutely GORGEOUS. When I got the GLAY album, this is the one song I listened to over and over. Teru has the most beautiful, raw voice, and I love it. Basically, this song is a contrast of gentle piano in the background while Teru sings soft, lovely lyrics and then it switches to bass and guitar and drums and Teru's voice goes from gorgeous and soft to gorgeous and strong. I love it. You'll love it. Download it.

GLAY - Denki Iruka Kimyou Na Shikou
Honestly? I HAD to put this song up because it's adorable and once you hear it you'll know what I mean when I say it's the kind of happyhappyhappy song that will make your cheeks hurt and make you want to stand up and dance like a maniac :)

HYDE - Hideaway
Okay, I'm sure everybody has at least HEARD of this song. It's famous and adored by most all HYDE fans. It's upbeat, and you WILL fall in love with it. I love the way HYDE mixes Japanese and Engrish lyrics together and makes them somewhat work. And his 'engrish' is so endearing to all of us in the HYDE fandom, am I right? This is one of my favorite songs from his '666' album, purely because I love the line "Dig in and get your hands dirty" :D
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[31 Jul 2004|10:30pm]
My first rotation!

If you haven't already, please go and read the userinfo and rules. Thanks.

Okay, so I'm going to post some of my favorite songs. There will probably be about five or six songs in each rotation. REMEMBER songs will only be up and ready for downloading goodness for one week.

Do As Infinity - Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
One of my favorite D-A-I songs EVER. It's very rock-ish, and up-beat. It's the kind of song that makes you want to clap your hands and sing along :) A very fun song, indeed. And if you haven't already heard it, you absolutely must.

Do As Infinity - D/N/A
Ah, I just decided to put this on here because it was the song that got me liking D-A-I. It's a very good song, and I like it muchas.

SPOON - The Way We Get By
Another feel good kind of song. It's from The O.C. soundtrack, and the first time I heard it I had it stuck in my head for days on end. The lyrics are amusing, the music is catchy, and in the chorus there's clapping that you can't help but join in with. It's brilliant, and I love it, so have a listen!

F-IV - Alone
This is a JPop ish, boyband ish song. Not usually my style, but I find myself liking F-IV and the like, god knows why. This song is actually very pretty. It's slow and mellow, and I love it. There's some english slipped in there and it's very well pronounced english, at that. If you ever liked Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and the like, then you'll probably like this :)

Sugizo - Rest In Peace & Fly Away
This is supposedly Sugizo [at least, that's what my file tells me], but I'm not sure. Anyway, this is a gorgeous song, and one I've gone to sleep many nights listening to. It's pretty and soft enough to chill out to.


-- Dillon.
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