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One Or Eight

Monkey Business

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Aa~ Ohayou, Konnichiwa and Konbanwa minna! Welcome to one_or_eight :D

My name's
Dillon. Or, if you like, Diro. OR, if you prefer, you can call me Seiyuu/Sei.

In case you couldn't tell, this is pretty much my mp3 journal. Used to share good songs with all of you lovely people.

I'll try to get a different rotation at least once a week. There'll be a mixture of songs, ranging from rock, punk, and ska to JRock, JPop and JRap. I
do take requests, but please be reasonable.

You can find a list of my albums/etc.

So, I hope you all enjoy!
BUT I do have some rules.

[1] COMMENT if you're going to download an MP3. I'd like to know who's taking them and it gives me an idea as to what sort of music is popular among you lot.
[2] First you click the link [Cuz I'm using YouSendIt.com] and then remember to right click and save as. An important to-do.
[3] Download ONE AT A TIME, please.
[4] If you like a song/artist/band then go out and support that artist/band by perchasing their album.


Sister site: haitsu - Belongs to my darling sister, Kiana [drops_of_color].
Brother site: empeethree - Belongs to Billy [lemonade] and Ryan [aidanenchanted].

<3 Diro.